Company overview
Memory IC Products
AMIC has a profound history in developing memory ICs. Starting as a new memory product division within United Microelectronics Corporation (UMC), the art of making memory integrated circuits has already been developed since 1985. Since then, we released many industry-first type memory IC products.
AMIC offers its customers one of the largest memory IC portfolios available in the semiconductor industry today – complete solutions from SRAM to NOR FLASH, from DRAM to FIFO, from (Zero bus latency) SRAM to Mask-ROM and RF-ID TAG IC to meets all your demands.

Light Sensor、NFC / RFID、I P
What’s more, AMIC has transcends the Non-Memory field for Light Sensor, NFC / RFID, IP products which have significantly progress and competitiveness since 2012.
Worldwide recognition and acceptance within the Tier-1 industry has elevated AMIC to a world-class performing organization, which is navigated by industry veterans and excelled by young professionals.